Samothraki rooms Paradise

Welcome to beautiful Samothraki . On the island you can also the sea and mountain, relax . have fun, excitement and calm.

In samothraki rooms paradise you can relax, unwind and get rid of everyday stress and enjoy good service, clean air and the magic of unspoiled nature. The warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere are definitely two good allies for a pleasant stay.

Visiting the island you can wander through the streets of unique wildlife, swim in waterfalls, make your dive in the crystal clear seas and enjoy the delicious local foods. Even if you are fond of ancient Greece and culture you can visit the archaeological site and museum of Paleopolis. Finally, the thermal baths, in the village, can help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, peripheral vascular, gynecological and skin diseases and to donate relief and wellness.

We welcome you to Samothraki Rooms Paradise and thank you for you visit!

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